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Mythic Ancestral Creatures

Mythic Wylies – The Phytoplankton Plea



Phytoplankton’ by Don Yates – on You-Tube

(Response to artwork ‘Mythic Ancestral Creatures’ by Caroline Josephs)

I swim in Wylie’s Pool every day...

I also work with an Indigenous Elder who tells stories of ocean creatures.

Many cultures have such ancestral mythic beings ...

As I swim, I imagine them with me ...Sometimes they are!

Swimming is a meditation. Meditation takes us to other zones ...

Our ancestors came from the sea ... We know this ...

I love to paint works that depict the 'between' worlds of the liminal...

the place of all possibility.


Caroline Josephs – Painting and Photograph


Will you, would you, won’t you go to Wylies with me

Could you, can you, can’t you imagine the creatures we’d see

The selkie told me; the sea-snake boldly put his point of view.

The mermaid whispered what every climatologist knew

Ocean warming, new day dawning, losing the green?

Stratifying no more mixing in between

Selky, mermaid sea-snakes and fish, they all agree

We need those tiny drifters, those chlorophyl laced shifters

Phy–to–plank–ton make oxygen (need green to breath, need green to breath)

Survival (need green to breath, need green to breath) for me!


Don Yates – Melody, Lyrics and Vocals

Vocals – Tara Daly

Darryl Chute – Arrangement, Backing & Production

Cormorant eye view, ocean pool.

The Cormorant

The Cormorant’
Song by Don Yates on You-tube
– Tara Daly
(Response to artwork of Cormorant by Caroline JosephsJ)

Devonian Ancestors
'Devonian Ancestors’
Song by Don Yates on You-tube

Vocals – Tara Daly
(Response to artwork of 'Devonian Ancestors' paintings by Caroline JosephsJ)
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