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Gulaga Mountain - Pregnant Woman with Feet in the Sea

Paintings (with Elder permission) by Caroline Josephs Ph.D. -- who has known and worked with Dulumunmun for over twenty years, taking people into country to hear his stories, sometimes weaving stories of her experiences with Indigenous people with his, or leading creative workshops arising from storytellings in country.

Gulaga Pregnant Woman

"Gulaga is our weather forecaster; she lets us know when we’re

going to get a bit of water from Father Sky.

Gulaga is a woman’s mountain as much as a man’s mountain

because of the creation of the woman first and the man second.

Gulaga is a place of wisdom, a place of tranquillity. 

Gulaga mountain calls you back, spiritually and mentally, a place

of sacredness -- a sacred text of the land. It holds the story of

creation of the Yuin Nation.

It is one of the wonders of the world.

Gulagu Mountain - Pregnant Woman with Feet in the Sea.

17"x 24" Acrylic on Paper

Story from Dulumunmun, Elder of the Yuin people of south coast NSW

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 2m x 1.5m Acrylic on canvas

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